Roasted right here in Wakiso-Uganda, our coffee is consistently smooth, delicious and rich in flavour – And it feels as good as it tastes. We look after the environment by embracing the traditional ways of cultivation used by our ancestors. We also look after everyone involved in producing our coffee starting with the people who grow, pick and dry the coffee berries, all the way through those involved in the dry processing, roasting and packing.

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Kyamu Coffee

kyamu Coffee is grown with passion in the midset of a lush green banana plantation in a small village called kyamusisi located in Mityana District, Uganda

We carefully tend to each individual plant and ensure that the hand picked ripe cherries are of excellent quality. The cherries are sun-dried and delicately roasted to achieve a rich and fresh citrus and chocolaty flavour.

Our coffee is single sourced from our own gardens and small batch roasted to ensure we deliver a consistent and fresh cup of coffee. Our experienced roaster, roasts small batches of 50 kgs at a time and then we carefully taste, smell, prod and examine each batch before it is ready for your cup or grinder.

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